72558342_scaled_359x252Mechanical Baseball Game and Sports Memorabilia in Walnut Creek, California

The mechanical baseball game from Quint Premier Baseball Games of Walnut Creek, California, combines pinball with sports memorabilia. Our baseball pinball machine is more than just a game; it is an art object. You know you’ve hit a home run when you purchase this game.

Mechanical Baseball Game

This mechanical baseball game has a real baseball line-up card for both teams. The pitcher throws fastballs, change-ups, and screwballs. The batter hits as if it were a real game. You can track the runners on base in the lower left-hand corner. The right-hand corner allows you to track runs, innings, and strikes. Add stadium lighting so you can play night games for an authentic experience.


Let us personalize your game for you. We have 5 different backgrounds to choose from: yellow, red brick, ash wood, black-and-white checkerboard, and the 1950s collage. Personalize your game with:

  • Stadium Name
  • Background Color
  • Your Name
  • Team
  • Business
  • School

Sports Memorabilia

You get more than a game when you buy our baseball pinball machine you get a piece of sports memorabilia. The game is designed so that you can add you own sports memorabilia to the game. All players in the game are cartoon characters that are based on 60- to 70-year-old designs.

Dimensions & Specific

The Scoreboard has 7 golden arches in it for displaying your own memorabilia. Above the arches is an old fashioned wooden walkway that is the base of the scoreboard. The scoreboard has a retro early 1900s look, with real working clock. We have 2 aluminum flagpoles with US flags on each corner of the scoreboard. The dimensions of the game are:

  • Width 41.5″
  • Length 41.5″
  • Main Body Height 2.75″
  • Ballpark Fences 5.5″
  • Rear Scoreboard width 32″
  • Rear Scoreboard height 18″